A Tribute to Hans Pedersen                        and   Sons

About Hans Pedersen and Sons
Hans Pedersen and Sons was a full service 80 boat marina, with winter storage for 150 boats. They were located in the southwest corner of Raritan Bay, Keyport and regarded by many as "The Pearl of the Bay shore." There were restaurants and shops within walking distance of the marina. Plus you did not have to travel through any dangerous canals or inlets to access the Atlantic Ocean. The Raritan Bay itself is home to great fishing, cruising and sailing. 

During the summer their fuel dock was open daily. In addition to gas and diesel, they sold ice, which some said was so good it melted in your mouth. 

They had a 30 ton travel-lift and were well equipped to handle emergencies as well as full scale restorations. They provided towing services if needed. As the third generation working at this yard they were as comfortable with wooden boats as with fiberglass. You could haved contacted them with any project you had planned for your boat, as they had the experience to do it right.